Sweet Resplendence

Crimson-rose clouds dash across the sky

acting as 

mediators or

middle children

interlacing fingers with

the sapphire hues of nighttime

who are entitled to their turn

and the glorious golden globe

moving on to light its brilliance 

at the next scheduled appointment.

I am grateful to have a radiant photography friend

who resides in San Diego

and captures these moments.

It often seems she knows when I need them the most

these images regularly await my arrival each morning

setting the tone for my day

or present themselves when I start to spiral

the necessary jailbreak for my anxiety-ridden brain.

My resplendent friend, the crimson-rose cloud,

I desperately needed, 

connecting my mind to life’s slices of joy.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Resplendence

  1. I have a friend who takes gorgeous landscape and animal pictures so I understand your feeling of gratitude when these pics arrived at just the right time. I love your poetic response and the pictures you shared.


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