Summer slices of joy

Sit by a crackling fire 
and inhale
the woodsy, smokey smell 
of summer in the suburbs.

Faces illuminated by glowing flames and smiles
Wary outreaches of plump marshmallows 
on fallen tree limbs. 

Rotate rotate rotate
Minds can be read, 
This time, I will achieve that perfect golden crust.

Let the music of the crackling flames 
assure you
the marshmallow will reach peak perfection soon.

Minds can be read,
Ugh this is taking too long, into the flames you go. 
Ooo pull back, pull back!

The marshmallow is about to fall to its demise
but a quick tree limb retraction
greets the anticipatory solitary graham cracker 
and makes for another marshmallow’s safe landing.

Meticulous transferring of the marshmallow onto the s’more base, 
rotating the roasted limb to rid it of every. last. bit. of mallow.
One-handed coordination of additional components: 
chocolate rectangles, one more graham cracker,
the creation is complete.

The marshmallow oozes as 
the prized possession prepares for 
Graham cracker crumbs lining the corners of mouths, 
adhered by rogue stickiness of marshmallow hearts.

Faces illuminated by glowing flames and s’more smiles.
This is fleeting. 
This is summer in the suburbs. 
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4 thoughts on “Summer slices of joy

  1. Great summer memory! I went back to a summer memory for my slice today, too! Who doesn’t love S’mores? Perfect description of toasting your marshmallow! Love the woodsy-smokey smell! A perfectly toasted oozing marshmallow is a prized possession for sure! YUM!


  2. Your word choice was so superb….this called to mind carefree summer evenings and easier times. Thanks for a great memory.


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