Flow’s freedom

Flow rode on her own today
she politely bid farewell
to the initial teleworking training wheels
and pedaled down the path of routine gracefully.

Flow maneuvered from 
task to task
video conference to video conference
lesson to lesson
with ease and elegance.

Flow had previously allowed anxiety 
to goop up her gears
and counter her concentration
but today she vowed
today would be different.
Indeed, Flow finally focused 
her familiarity with the unknown.

7 thoughts on “Flow’s freedom

  1. I am envious. I can’t seem to find the flow right now. So many new things to tackle and figure out. Your pictures are gorgeous!

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    1. Some days are easier to find flow than others. Today was not a day for flow, but hopefully, you felt otherwise!


    1. You are inventive, informative, and a brilliant writer- “too literal” (if one could even deem it negative) is not something that once crossed my mind with your writing.


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