Pac-woman’s quest

In today’s version of Pac-woman, our heroine has one mission: walk around the maze of her DC neighborhood to locate and photograph cherry blossom trees, as her favorite view of the trees at the Tidal Basin is blocked off by a plethora of non-social distancing ghosts.

Pac-woman commences her navigation of today’s maze by power-walking out of her house and making a sharp right.  She swiftly crosses the street to avoid ghost number one, a cute and seemingly innocent neighborhood child playing with chalk.  

She continues in a straight line on a quest for cherry blossom blooms, today’s version of power pellets.  Pac-woman’s consumption of pellets will be her documenting the blooms via her obsolete iPhone SE. In addition to a change in scenery, today’s pellets will also provide Pac-woman brief respite from her anxieties.  As Pac-woman is thinking about how nice it will be to view the blooms, ghost number two and a half appears out of nowhere, a man and his baby crossing the intersection unexpectedly. Pac-woman abruptly stops, turns right, walks straight, and then turns left to allow proper space between her and ghost two and a half. 

Pac-woman continues on her .4 mile quest for blooms while regretting her late-afternoon timing.  Her maze is more populated with ghosts than she is used to. Will she be able to make it to the blooms without the appearance of ghosts three and four?  Alas, Pac-woman sees from afar ghost three approaching, a mid-40s woman and her dog. Normally, Pac-woman would stay on course to greet the woman and dog, but in today’s version, she must properly socially distance and scamper across the street.

Pac-woman glances down at her small phone’s screen and realizes she went past the intersection she needed to turn left on.  She stops, turns around, and nearly collides with ghost four, a young-20s man listening to music, who was most likely trying to socially distance from Pac-woman but did not expect Pac-woman’s awkward dart-like gait to retract her steps.  Pac-woman mouths an apology and turns right.  

With the cherry blossom blooms near, and not a ghost in sight, Pac-woman whips out her excuse of a phone and consumes today’s power pellets, winning the game, with a few seconds of sun peeking through clouds to spare.

5 thoughts on “Pac-woman’s quest

  1. I was wondering how Pac-people were going to figure into your neighborhood walk, and I got my answer. Perfect! I love your account, and I love the pictures at the end. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 ~JudyK

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  2. The Pac-woman image is perfect to describe your walk through the gridded DC streets trying to avoid others while trying to win your price – those beautiful cherry blossom photos. Very clever writing!! In drove my 84-year old mother down on Wed to give her an outing. We saw them from the car and didn’t get out as she struggles to walk. So glad we went as I heard today they closed the roads.

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  3. This is absolute brilliance- the levity I needed! Yes, Pacwoman won the game with a phone packed with pellets. The drama with the ghosts; that was hilarious. Well done on delivering a slice with humor and craft!

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