Music makes me lose control

After hearing the news today that all schools in Virginia are closed for the remainder of the academic year, my initial processing of the situation threw me into a spiral of many emotions which left me feeling drained and without inspiration for my daily slice. Realizing that today was very much an FFT situation, in an effort to lift my spirits, I turned to music and dancing. I decided to take the songs from my playlist and write a cento-esque poem, similar to book spine poetry. 

you need to calm down
don’t be so hard on yourself 
you’re still the one
wait for it

dancing on my own
back in my body
shake it out
remind me to forget

all we need
higher love

send me on my way
sunset lover
oceans away

end game
dog days are over
always be my baby
the longest time.

2 thoughts on “Music makes me lose control

  1. I think we are all numb about the news. So many stages of grief. Thank goodness for music… awesome playlist btw. I may have to whip out my playlists and turn on Dancing With Myself. Thank you for this musical composition that helps us physically and mentally during these “FFT situations”.


  2. A good friend moved from here in Idaho to Virginia last summer. She’s also a teacher. That’s how I first heard about Virginia schools. I wish states would not decide to cancel for the entire year just yet. I know it leaves many w/ a sense of hopelessness, and it worries me about the future of public education.

    I love your poem and am f sad o glad you included the playlist. I need to listen to more music. I’ve found myself turning to music anyway as I write this month.

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