Joyful junctures

my librarian and I 
my reading intervention students.
Okay, only two students
but two was enough 

to shine some smiles
to speak our stories
to allay my angst

idiosyncrasies still remain
standard questions still pertain 
attention troublesome still to gain.

Pandemic or not
middle schoolers are still middle schoolers
endearing and amusing
inquisitive and silly
captivating and capricious

and yet, 
we took no moment or mannerism
for granted
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3 thoughts on “Joyful junctures

  1. taking no mannerism for granted is a very powerful statement of your experience. I get the idea that you were grateful and truly present with your students.

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    1. I used conferences on Canvas which worked okay for some, but more students wanted to log on and could not. Hoping to try out Teams next week!


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