Purple’s scent, then and now

With thanks to Nikki Grimes’ Ordinary Hazards “The Scent of Purple” and Read and Write by Sally’s Color for inspiration after a weeklong slicing hiatus.

Purple in college days of 2010 smelled like 

end-of-semester study break strolls to witness spring blooming

reflective, out-of-breath chats with roommates about life’s next steps

encouragement and laughter pondering past semester’s follies

stealthy snips of lilac blooms to permeate our apartment with hope. 

Purple in pandemic days of 2020 smells like

end of tele-teaching workday walks to witness local’s liveliness

reflective, inner dialogue pep talks about taking life one. day. at. a. time.

encouragement and smiles contemplating COVID-19’s culmination

stealthy snapshots of lilac blooms to preserve for a slicer’s sight.

2 thoughts on “Purple’s scent, then and now

  1. Oooh, I love the mentor texts and how you compare and contrast the scent of purple past and present. The format of each line starting the same way really highlights how you and the world has changed. I love “stealthy snips” and “stealthy snapshots” the best.


  2. Love this! I’m going to try this color – past/present reflection. Thank you for sharing!
    These shades of purple (pre and in pandemic) resonate with me.


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