Sensory gratitudes on a quarantined Tuesday

Today I am grateful for
a day of consistent sunshine greeting every glance outside
a text from a friend whose newly-remodeled house passed inspection
unexpected smiles of colleague chit-chat pre-IEP meeting
my first-time attendance at an online anxiety therapy group

Today I am grateful for
the soothing Irish narrator for the audiobook Normal People 
streaming TSF Jazz from Paris

Today I am grateful for
a homemade latte with cinnamon, cacao powder, and hazelnut milk
a perfectly ripe avocado to sit atop my madras lentil lunch
a carrot cake snack

Today I am grateful for
a longer than normal yoga workout to start my day
noticing the water I gulp cool the burning anxiety housed in my stomach
mindful deep breaths in I am. right here. & breathes out right now. 
a brief walk to conclude the workday accompanied by Beyonce’s songs

Today I am grateful.
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3 thoughts on “Sensory gratitudes on a quarantined Tuesday

  1. I liked hearing about your gratitudes. I write gratitudes, too. When you realize that we are all writing gratitudes, it seems like the action is a prayer just using different words. We are all praying together. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Given life these days, taking the time to write about the little things is so important. Thank you for inspiring me to do the same as I find myself lost in my head. Your list makes it feel like I am eating lunch with you again. On a writer’s note, very cool use of purposeful formatting in the yoga entry as well as the line “anxiety housed in my stomach” – could totally feel that one!! Ugh. I just miss you!

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