To-do: better

and every day
but especially today
I am angry
and am guilty
and continuously humbled by my ignorance.

Trigger moment,
learning that Eleanor and Park 
is a racist text, 
a text I read many moons ago
without an anti-racist lens
and have recommended to many students.
How many other times has my white privilege 
clouded my judgment and hurt my students?
How many students trusted me to recommend 
books to them which, in turn, hurt them? 
How could I be so ignorant?
My speculation
my guilt 
is not enough 
to repair the damage done. 

When you know better,
you do better, I am told. 
Today’s rage 
is another piece of kindling
in my commitment
to do better for 
my students and society.

*Resources, if you’re interested: Resource 1- Resource 2 - Resource 3
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2 thoughts on “To-do: better

  1. Thank you for sharing the resources as well as your powerful writing. This is an interesting time where we are looking and re-examining so many texts and ideas. As you say, when we know better we can do better.


  2. Yes, I read that too and was horrified that I had not seen the racism that once exposed seem so clear now. I know I have to improve at looking at life more carefully so that I can question what I see more wisely. “When you know better, do better” is a Maya Angelou quote I believe and a good one.


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