Tuesday tangibles

cold showers

front porch hellos

mid-70s morning temperatures

La Colombe french press coffee

newly-discovered & delicious recipes

colleague collaboration

morning meditations

powerful planking

meeting of the minds

fearless leaders

new shampoo scent


Photo by Aaron Burden on Pexels.com

What makes this Tuesday tangible for you?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday tangibles

  1. I love your list and will need to explore your links! It was a breath of fresh air.


  2. Love this list and your links. Cold showers are something I read about just recently and I’m just too chicken. Happy to have the link for Vote Forward and front porch hellos leave me smiling.


  3. I love your post today. We had the same idea to focus on positive things for today’s SOL. Focusing on good things can be healing.


  4. Megan, wow. What a great post full of senses. It really gave us a feel into your tangible Tuesday. I learned a lot and look forward to trying that rich-sounding chickpea stew. Yummy!


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