Am I an adult… yet?

what makes homeowning enjoyable?

wondering why your sense of smell didn’t previously detect that… aroma?

permanently placing trinkets collected over the years?

reconfiguring room layouts and furniture?

fixing toilets as a team?

hesitantly using appliances for the first time?

navigating hardware stores with wide-eyes and deep breaths? 

grasping not knowing how to identify warm undertones in paint swatches?

figuring out the origin of that interesting… scent?

acclimating to floorboard nuances?

postulating what the new dripping noise is with the “fixed” toilet? 

realizing it costs *that* much to fix one the freezer door handle?

learning how to become an urban landscaper? 

imagining past actions witnessed by these walls?

or envisioning memories soon to be observed?

what makes homeowning enjoyable?

I’m highly unqualified to conceptualize an answer, 

but I better go light a candle to mask that… odor.

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4 thoughts on “Am I an adult… yet?

  1. I think home ownership gives us a sense of permanence and a sense of place. We’ve been taught home ownership is the essence of the American Dream, for all its mythology. Having owned two homes (the current one 22 years) I can say, yes, it really does cost that much. We’re embarking on some major changes in our home, and I’m experiencing some sticker shock. I wish quartz countertops were comparable in cost to laminate. One thing is certain w/ every home regardless of its age: There is always a project awaiting completion.


  2. I have been writing so much about delights lately! I loved this posting. Thank you for writing and sharing it. It made a difference to me today.


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