Shoshin, take two, action!

Last week I learned the word shoshin, which means a beginner’s mindset, a serendipitous lesson I applied throughout the week preparing for concurrent teaching.  Any time I felt a twinge of stress, I’d let myself experience the emotion and then remember I had a reset.  Oh yeah, there it is again, shoshin! I’d say to myself.  But today, this week, the remainder of this month, is where I REALLY need to apply shoshin. While it’s easy to parrot the definition, what does a beginner’s mindset really mean to me today, my first day of concurrent teaching?

  • As a perfectionist trying to distance myself from the label, I undoubtedly need to tell myself right now, Nothing will be perfect and that’s okay!
  • Stress will occur, and it can also be brief, it doesn’t have to frame the entirety of the day
  • It’s okay to laugh at my mistakes 
  • Change is uncomfortable
  • Growth because of change is uncomfortable
  • The feeling of being uncomfortable is brief, and again, it doesn’t have to frame your outlook of the day or week
  • Like the amazing educators I know, I am resilient and I will bounce ahead, eventually 

I might remember these declarations today, I might not remember them until after the moments of stress, but I am hoping to give myself grace and learn a lot as I jump into a new experience.

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3 thoughts on “Shoshin, take two, action!

  1. Thank you for this reminder to give oneself grace when dealing with change. I am behind the scenes rooting for you as you take center stage. Good luck and hang in there.


  2. The great reminder that to struggle is to learn! I realized as I was reading your realizations that I say these words to my students in third grade fairly often. I don’t always take them to heart myself. This is a great slice. And a fun new word.


  3. I am copying these declarations for myself. This line: “While it’s easy to parrot the definition, what does a beginner’s mindset really mean to me today,” is exactly what I need to start considering for myself. I love hearing about these words/actions for self-reflection, but unless I am intentional, like you have been here, the self-work doesn’t happen. I hope you had a great day with your kiddos. I can’t wait to hear all about it – AND I hope that you grounded yourself in your declarations as many times as needed.


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