This Is Just to Say- Dim Sum remix

*Inspired by William Carlos Williams’ This Is Just to Say

I have eaten 

the dim sum


which you were so 


to consume

Forgive me

the sticky rice

the siu mai

so savory

and so satisfying

Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “This Is Just to Say- Dim Sum remix

  1. I love this! But I also felt a small amount of anger because I’ve had my leftovers eaten! Lol!! Very creative. I’m terrible at poetry, but I think if I do what you did and base it off another poem, I could pull it off! Great slice!!


  2. YESSSS!!!!! I might be stealing this idea! ALSO, side note, WCW is one of my all time favorites and This is Just to Say is a personal favorite. I might have to use this as a mentor text sooooonnnnn. *Also, don’t touch my leftovers ha ha ha ha


  3. I love using this poem to write my own apologies. 🙂 I love how instead of plums, you have eaten leftovers. That seems like such a perfect modernization of the poem.


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