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The past year of pandemic panic has brought the staple of a morning routine into my life, a perception of superficial control to commence each day. Without consciously realizing it, my routine has shifted by the season. The summer roused with early morning roaming before the humidity blanketed the sidewalks, the fall moved by yoga and mindful meditation, and the winter awoke with a shower and immediate cocooning of blankets in bed while reading, sipping coffee, and a sun lamp burning optimism into irises to prevent seasonal sadness.  

With the start of reporting back to school this month, my routine is hatching a new facade.  I tried to maintain my early morning book immersion but the commute time does not allow for the ease of escape, no matter how much earlier I set my alarm. I cannot help but wonder what will become of my new morning routine, if anything at all. Life feels a little safer and I find myself tentatively optimistic. It may be time to bid adieu to a staple of the past year, shed a layer of armor, and take a small step into the realm of a festive future.

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6 thoughts on “Seasonal routine

  1. I love routines! The idea of seasonal routines really piques my interest. I have just gone back hybrid, and I’m already missing my work-from-home routines, like making tea in the morning and catching up on news, and doing a little reading before school. My commute isn’t far, but I’m more pressed to get my pup out the door and all the business done before I head to school, and now I am driving home at lunch to check on said pup. It’s all brand-new again, and the new routine has its joys and benefits. I like coming home to make my lunch (and some tea!). I think life is about starting and stopping and taking different paths now and again, so as hard as it is to lose the old routines, we need to find some joy in the new. I am inspired to come up with some seasonal routines, though! Love that! Great slice!


  2. Routines are so important and I love seeing how yours have adjusted with the seasons. My favorite line, “shed a layer of armor, and take a small step into the realm of a festive future,” got me thinking about my own armor that needs to be shed…I’m still so uncomfortable being in public…


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