Dancing and somersaulting Saturdays

Today’s events will be sure to please the eye with a fine ballet of beauty.  From wedding dress switches to one day dance her way into the spotlight, to somersaulting through YouTube videos and endless internet tunnels of advice on how to become a puppy mom soon, this teacher’s dance moves are sure to impress. Even more, her Saturday salsa of trying to relax yet preparing for future events has her mind simply spinning. You won’t want to miss this teacher try to process her first week of concurrent teaching while prepping for major life events.  We are exhausted just thinking about it! 

4 thoughts on “Dancing and somersaulting Saturdays

  1. When it rains, it storms! What an exciting time in your personal life paired with the chaos of work. I’m thrilled you are capturing these snippets in your slices. One day we will look back and marvel at our flexibility and resilience.


  2. wait wedding dress switches!!! ughhhh I am missing out on everything!!!! (sorry I am making this about me). Your ability to intertwine dancing and somersault references throughout is clever and well done. Seriously – for someone who is stressed, you can spin a yarn pretty freaking fabulously.


  3. Our first week felt back felt like a month rather than a year. I hope this weekend feels more centered now that you have Bao!! My ears love your alliteration moves.


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