March’s Mystery & Mayhem Circus Show!

Come one, come all

to the greatest show of the year,

March’s Mystery and Mayhem Circus Show!

Our performances may not be timely, 

and they may be fueled by stubborn and peculiar oddities,

but they are sure to dazzle and delight!

You will find our teacher navigate her insurmountable anxiety in

Masters of mayhem Mondays

Defy all odds in

Nerves of steel Sundays

and train to be the sensation of the century in

Dancing and somersaulting Saturdays!

Be sure to marvel at it all, 

March only comes but once a year!

Photo by Golnar sabzpoush rashidi on

4 thoughts on “March’s Mystery & Mayhem Circus Show!

  1. Just perfection! You capture the imperfection of March Mayhem in a playful, witty style. Plus, I appreciated the links to posts I have missed due to my own juggling act. Well done and hang in there!


  2. Is it wrong that I hate that March is so stressful for everyone? I feel this strange need to protect it. You crafted this poem magically! Your tone is so cheeky (I love when you get like this) and my favorite lines are, “Our performances may not be timely, / and they may be fueled by stubborn and peculiar oddities,” this was really entertaining to read…kind of like, you know, a circus 😉


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