Nerves of steel Sundays

Today’s events will start off slow but are sure to morph into a wild whirl-wheel of wonders as this teacher will awake slowly, ready to tackle her personal to-dos, all the items she simply doesn’t have the energy to address during the week. She will dazzle and delight with her ability to be a cash-saving homeowner, spending hours of research figuring out how to patch drywall, what color to paint which rooms facing which direction of sunlight, and how to address the newly spotted crumbling foundation of her house!  Under normal weekday circumstances, she is sure to crumble right along with her house but instead, her nerves of steel allow her to walk through her ring of fire home-owning journey.

3 thoughts on “Nerves of steel Sundays

  1. If anyone can do all of this, it’s you! I actually had the best time fall 2019 fixing the crumbling foundation – it wasn’t severe, but it needed to be addressed and I actually had fun. ALSO – need to know what you learned about paint colors and direction of the sun! Seriously…I painted my entire house dolphin fin LOL – not a lot of imagination there. Great final line!


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