A Return to Saturn

Romantic breakup. New job. Misguided friendship breakups. Another new job. Move across state lines. Extreme dissatisfaction and soul searching. While it’s easy to look back on my life around 27/28 and sterilize the changes I went through, at the time, my entire life felt shaken, whether I intentionally contributed to it or not. 

Amidst the upheaval I was experiencing during that time period, a friend suggested I may be in my “Return to Saturn.”  As a recovering astrology-reading addict, I was unaware of what my stubborn and loyal Scorpio traits had to do with a planet somewhere in the solar system.  According to Bustle.com, a Return to Saturn is described as, “It takes Saturn approximately 29.5 years to complete its full orbit around the sun, so the phrase “Saturn return” literally refers to Saturn returning to the exact place in the zodiac that it was when you were born. Everyone experiences their first Saturn return between the ages of about 27 and 30. These years are often marked by tons of upheaval — think break-ups or marriages, switching careers, moving to a new city, or generally coming to terms with changes you need to make in your life.” 

As a colleague was confiding in me yesterday about the recent tumult he is experiencing, I brought up the Saturn Return notion to him. Upon further reflection, we remarked that many people we know seem to be going through a lot right now, not directly tied to the pandemic either.  While this entire past year has exploded with Saturn Return fireworks, March 2021 feels especially Saturn Return-y to me. As I buckle down and forge ahead through this month, I am comforted knowing the other side of a Saturn Return is clarity worth consuming.

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7 thoughts on “A Return to Saturn

  1. I firmly believe that if the moon can change the tides, it probably has a little bit of an effect on me! I think that the cyclical nature of the universe can help, at the very least, to help us feel connected in moments of disconnect.
    Thank you for this slice

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  2. This is fun to think about! It makes me want to analyze those years of my life to think about the changes they held. I like how you used the phrase “Saturn Return-y” to describe how the world is feeling these days.


  3. Yes. Yes. And yes! I was wondering if any planets were in retrograde. I just can’t get me together. I totally feel where you are coming from and about to get to researching a bit.


  4. I am definitely looking into this more…I feel like every seven years I find myself in this situation…hence my constant career adjustments. Thank you for this little slice of horoscope knowledge – I can now add this as an excuse when I am being a nut – my standard is already “I’m sorry, I am an Aries…kind of an asshole by nature” ha ha ha which you know.


  5. I learned so much from you post today. I can totally concur that I, too, experienced tremendous change in my late 20s and now I have a name for that period of my life! Does that mean I need to brace for round two?

    Glad your orbit brought you back to DC!!


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