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One of my absolute favorite parts of being a language arts teacher is book talking as many books as possible to students. During virtual teaching this past year, I held strong to my book talking ways but the usual verve I’m used to seeing in the classroom was replaced with black screens and the occasional student who was comfortable enough to chime in and say, “Oh I think I’ve read that” to which I’d enthusiastically respond, “You did?! Wasn’t it great?!” to which they’d respond flatly, “Yeah, it was okay.” Although I suffered many daggers to the heart during virtual book talks, I quickly learned to take what I could get, even if it was the occasional smidgen of excitement. 

Now that we are back to being in person, my book talking ways are inspired. Today, I book talked The Prince and the Dressmaker. This book is one of those awesome books I forgot I had in my classroom library until I unpacked my boxes of books a few weeks ago.  Immediately upon the book talk being finished, a student asked to read it. With the snap of a finger, he was so hooked in the book that he was able to drown out the sixth grade energy enveloping the room. There are few things I love more than seeing students get excited about books and fall into them. I had almost forgotten how much I love cultivating reading engagement and being in the presence of growing readers.

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  1. You are magical with your book talks and you captured that feeling of watching a student get into a book. I haven’t read this particular book yet, but you bet it is on my TBR. This line, “he was so hooked in the book that he was able to drown out the sixth grade energy enveloping the room” was expertly described…love love love.


  2. First of all, LOVE that book!! Second, I’m so jealous. Reading in community is what I miss the MOST about this school year. Even though our students have a hybrid choice, we only have about 2-5 kids in each class period. It’s very…odd. 😦 They’re not quite consistent, and I didn’t bother taking out/setting up my classroom library. I regret that now – I guess there’s still time!


  3. Book talks are a beautiful thing. You must be so happy to do them in person. All the feels! I’m teaching Kindergarten remotely all year and my assistant for just this year on ZOOM is our Library para. One of the highlights of our week is “Book Talk Tuesday,” how we end each and every Tuesday. Trying to give them a little bit of the Library on ZOOM. Just wait until they are in-person learners next year!


  4. Success! I love how this reader was- “able to drown out the sixth grade energy enveloping the room.” That is a personal goal of mine- for students to dive headfirst into a book and forget reality for a moment. That feeling has helped me through the toughest times in life. Well done!


  5. I agree with Cindy! Success!!! You capture the struggle of sharing book ideas across the screen so well. You capture the joy of in person connecting a book with a child so well, too. Your love of making this magic happen is clearly seen!


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