Bao Oxford McWong

The warmth of spring 

brought our new furry family member 

a day earlier than planned

The warmth of spring

brought a day of new

for our adopted pup

new name to attune

new beds to sleep 

new parents to love

new noises to acquaint

new toys to chew

new nooks to nestle 

new harnesses to snuggle 

new neighborhood to traverse

new humans to observe

The warmth of spring 

brought a day of new

for our human hearts

Welcome to the family,

our new joy to love,

Bao Oxford McWong.

Bao Oxford McWong on March 20, 2021.

7 thoughts on “Bao Oxford McWong

  1. Congratulations! What an adorable new family member! How will you ever get anything done?!
    Your poem reveals all the things that come with someone new in your world…the repetition of “new” and “the warmth of spring” add an air of elation to the poem, perfectly matching the joy of a new pup!


  2. I love that Bao has a middle and last name! Especially useful when you need to take a serious tone with him. All that “newness” will bring so much excitement and anticipation…something we are all really missing at the start of year 2 of the pandemic.


  3. Turns out I just needed to scroll down for a Bao pic!!!! That’s what I get for reading a blog out of order. The repetition of “new” in this poem definitely fits what it feels like to get a puppy!


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