A doable Monday

The structure of Mondays (asynchronous days for students, endless meetings and to-do’s for teachers) is not how I prefer to start my week during this year of virtual, now concurrent/hybrid, teaching. Mondays are all about faithful follow-through from students and teachers alike.  A few students are “required” to attend office hours with me, others pop in rarely, and by the time office hours are complete, teachers tune into endless meetings with smiles concealing fatigue.  

I’d much rather start my week greeting my students’ initials over Teams, while they undoubtedly eye roll and begrudgingly answer my question of the day in the chat to start off class. Interacting with even a few unmuted mics makes the day worth it but alas, for the next 12 weeks of school, the meetings on Mondays will continue to plague the start of every week.  

Today, however, Monday didn’t feel so bad.  Perhaps it’s spring break planning to grace us with her presence or the warmth of spring cocooning me throughout the day.  Regardless, Monday felt doable, for the first time in a long time, and I’ll celebrate that small win for now.  

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “A doable Monday

  1. Your Monday and my Monday were totally different Mondays! It was interesting to hear about yours. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 ~JudyK


  2. Celebrate those wins in every way. It might also have to do with a cute little puppy you have waiting at home… or it’s definitely spring break 😉. Cheers to “doable”. My fav line “smiles concealing fatigue”…yup


  3. I’m glad you captured this way we are teaching in APS. I love your phrase: greeting my students’ initials over Teams,
    I hope in the future this pandemic teaching is all a blur and we can gather and reread our pandemic posts and recall this world we are living daily, especially the Asychronous Mondays!


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