A doable Monday

The structure of Mondays (asynchronous days for students, endless meetings and to-do’s for teachers) is not how I prefer to start my week during this year of virtual, now concurrent/hybrid, teaching. Mondays are all about faithful follow-through from students and teachers alike.  A few students are “required” to attend office hours with me, others popContinue reading “A doable Monday”

“Names” -Bao remix

I’m the only one in the family with a name that has three different meanings *Woof* Bao isn’t even a dog name. I know, because my human parents told me. It means: treasure (in Chinese) and protector (in Vietnamese), It also means: steamed buns, a dish part of dim sum,  something my parents love toContinue reading ““Names” -Bao remix”

A Return to Saturn

Romantic breakup. New job. Misguided friendship breakups. Another new job. Move across state lines. Extreme dissatisfaction and soul searching. While it’s easy to look back on my life around 27/28 and sterilize the changes I went through, at the time, my entire life felt shaken, whether I intentionally contributed to it or not.  Amidst theContinue reading “A Return to Saturn”

March’s Mystery & Mayhem Circus Show!

Come one, come all to the greatest show of the year, March’s Mystery and Mayhem Circus Show! Our performances may not be timely,  and they may be fueled by stubborn and peculiar oddities, but they are sure to dazzle and delight! You will find our teacher navigate her insurmountable anxiety in Masters of mayhem MondaysContinue reading “March’s Mystery & Mayhem Circus Show!”

Master of mayhem Mondays

Today you will see our teacher spend the day nestled at home, while students work asynchronously. She will spend her morning teaching intervention lessons, summoning students into her tremendous, strange, and curious Microsoft Teams office hours, meeting with magnificent colleagues, juggling endless meal preps while simultaneously feeding herself, attending more meetings of mayhem, and leaving theContinue reading “Master of mayhem Mondays”

Dancing and somersaulting Saturdays

Today’s events will be sure to please the eye with a fine ballet of beauty.  From wedding dress switches to one day dance her way into the spotlight, to somersaulting through YouTube videos and endless internet tunnels of advice on how to become a puppy mom soon, this teacher’s dance moves are sure to impress.Continue reading “Dancing and somersaulting Saturdays”

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