A Return to Saturn

Romantic breakup. New job. Misguided friendship breakups. Another new job. Move across state lines. Extreme dissatisfaction and soul searching. While it’s easy to look back on my life around 27/28 and sterilize the changes I went through, at the time, my entire life felt shaken, whether I intentionally contributed to it or not.  Amidst theContinue reading “A Return to Saturn”

Difference Makers

After watching NCTE’s conversation with Derrick Barnes (author) and Gordon C. James (illustrator) of I Am Every Good Thing, one topic that bubbled to the surface, like the carbonation of a just-poured limoncello La Croix, is the notion and act of being a difference maker.  As a teacher and human, to me, being a differenceContinue reading “Difference Makers”

Am I an adult… yet?

what makes homeowning enjoyable? wondering why your sense of smell didn’t previously detect that… aroma? permanently placing trinkets collected over the years? reconfiguring room layouts and furniture? fixing toilets as a team? hesitantly using appliances for the first time? navigating hardware stores with wide-eyes and deep breaths?  grasping not knowing how to identify warm undertonesContinue reading “Am I an adult… yet?”

Easing into ephemera

Mono no aware the Japanese term for  sensitivity to impermanence  an awareness of transience a bittersweet bite of  realizing change is constant the sweet suffering of taking reality for granted. I am used to leisurely ingesting each spoonful of change allowing for wistful moments of melting droplets of sticky sadness flavored with feigned indifference butContinue reading “Easing into ephemera”

Save the lives of thousands of Black men

I am currently reading and processing Chokehold by Paul Butler. This found poem consists of excerpts from Chapter 4 “Black Male Violence: The Chokehold Within.” I highly recommend this book and think it is a great supplement to 13th on Netflix to more deeply understand how the criminal justice system targets Black men. Save theContinue reading “Save the lives of thousands of Black men”

If my clavicle could contest…

Today’s slice was inspired by The Isolation Journals Day 15 prompt from Kiese Layman, “write about the funniest thing to happen to you in the past year and write from the point of view of an inanimate object that bore witness to it.“ Welp, April 14, 2019 was supposed to be an extraordinary day.  IContinue reading “If my clavicle could contest…”

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