Good morning

I said good morning

Good morning to my sacred weekday routines

simultaneously monotonous yet reassuring

I am fortunate to be here for another day

Good morning alarm clock

thank you for your gentle tones and patience 

as I continue to mislead you with when I’ll actually say goodbye

Good morning yoga mat and workout video

thank you for your cruel push

as I continue to feel empowered, yet annoyed, by 5:45 every morning

Good morning delightful shower

thank you for your just-right water pressure

as I continue to enjoy the gentle hug you provide me before I step out into another long day

Good morning podcasts

thank you for sharing the daily news and inspiration

as I continue to feel increasingly more informed, yet apprehensive, before 6:30 every. morning.

Good morning Rock Creek Parkway

thank you for your beautiful foliage and Pac-man-esque runners

as I continue to momentarily deceive myself into thinking, Maybe, just maybe, I could be a runner!

Good morning Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument

thank you for being the bookends to stunning sunrises I stealthily snap 

which are juxtaposed by the human right of freedom and safety that so many still do not have

Good morning Arlington Memorial Bridge

thank you for your dedicated construction workers always onsite, before 7 every. morning.

as I continue to sense my smile surfacing when I see your keepers arm-circling for the day ahead

I said good morning

Good morning to my sacred weekday routines

Simultaneously stunning yet humbling

I have so much to be grateful for my first waking hours every. morning.

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