Homemade Decision-Making

I always know I’m on the brink of making a big decision when I yearn for my favorite recipe, the ingredients unfailingly readily handy, stored away in the back of my pantry, waiting to be utilized.   Recipe for Megan’s Homemade Decision-Making 2 cups chopped stomach-lurching 1 heaping cup acute heartbeat quickening 3 tablespoons ofContinue reading “Homemade Decision-Making”

Sensory gratitudes on a quarantined Tuesday

Today I am grateful for a day of consistent sunshine greeting every glance outside a text from a friend whose newly-remodeled house passed inspection unexpected smiles of colleague chit-chat pre-IEP meeting my first-time attendance at an online anxiety therapy group Today I am grateful for the soothing Irish narrator for the audiobook Normal People  streamingContinue reading “Sensory gratitudes on a quarantined Tuesday”

Future dog’s warning

Today’s slice was inspired by Suleika Jaouad’s The Isolation Journals, Day 34 prompt, “write a scene from an imaginary biography of a pet” which was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Flush.  Although her prompts were originally intended for the month of April, she decided to keep the project up and running.  I highly recommend subscribing– herContinue reading “Future dog’s warning”

Flow’s freedom

Flow rode on her own today she politely bid farewell to the initial teleworking training wheels and pedaled down the path of routine gracefully. Flow maneuvered from  task to task video conference to video conference lesson to lesson with ease and elegance. Flow had previously allowed anxiety to goop up her gears and counter herContinue reading “Flow’s freedom”

The juice will be worth the squeeze

My anxiety barometer is breaking. I am quite certain I have reached my threshold of absorbing all of the news I can tolerate.   I have crammed my brain with the knowledge that social distancing truly means no public places, at all, save for inhaling shared fresh oxygen with the floral blooms lining the paths lessContinue reading “The juice will be worth the squeeze”

Hello, old friend

I’m here today, publishing my first-ever Slice of Life post, begrudgingly.  Yes, begrudgingly. Some may visualize a cartoon character being pushed down a dirt road with their heels dug in, whilst forming clouds of dust in their wake when they think of the word “begrudgingly.”  Wow, that’s quite an image; I wonder why she’s beingContinue reading “Hello, old friend”

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