A doable Monday

The structure of Mondays (asynchronous days for students, endless meetings and to-do’s for teachers) is not how I prefer to start my week during this year of virtual, now concurrent/hybrid, teaching. Mondays are all about faithful follow-through from students and teachers alike.  A few students are “required” to attend office hours with me, others popContinue reading “A doable Monday”

March’s Mystery & Mayhem Circus Show!

Come one, come all to the greatest show of the year, March’s Mystery and Mayhem Circus Show! Our performances may not be timely,  and they may be fueled by stubborn and peculiar oddities, but they are sure to dazzle and delight! You will find our teacher navigate her insurmountable anxiety in Masters of mayhem MondaysContinue reading “March’s Mystery & Mayhem Circus Show!”

A smile sustained

I had forgotten the quirky funny silly inquisitive smiley explorative honest observative kind nature of sixth graders in the flesh. Black screens and muted mics almost had me fooled. What a relief to witness  adolescent humans in person, no longer robots behind a screen. The past three days of teaching in their vicinity has sustainedContinue reading “A smile sustained”

Shoshin, take two, action!

Last week I learned the word shoshin, which means a beginner’s mindset, a serendipitous lesson I applied throughout the week preparing for concurrent teaching.  Any time I felt a twinge of stress, I’d let myself experience the emotion and then remember I had a reset.  Oh yeah, there it is again, shoshin! I’d say toContinue reading “Shoshin, take two, action!”

Tire(d) teacher

During pandemic teaching, I inevitably reach a point of no return on Fridays, my brain’s wires short-circuiting after too much usage. Emails have lost their coherent response opportunity, students’ assignments sit to be graded in the Canvas ether, loved one’s texts are neglected until I can re-wire.   This Friday, however, has left me feeling likeContinue reading “Tire(d) teacher”

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